EWG-DSS History

The EURO Working Group on Decision Support System EWG-DSS was founded during a memorable EURO Summer Institute on DSS that took place at Madeira, Portugal, in May 1989.  This Summer Institute was organised by Prof. Jean-Pierre Brans and Prof. José Paixão, among others. It counted with the participation of 24 young researchers of 16 different nationalities, shown in the group picture below.

EURO Summer Institute on DSS, Madeira, Portugal, 1989: The birth of the EWG-DSS

Most of the participants of the EURO Summer Institute on DSS in Madeira in 1989 still continue nowadays to pursue their goals, working actively in their research areas related to OR and Decision Support Systems.

The EWG-DSS was born with 24 founding-members. Since then, the number of members has substantially grown along the years. Now we are over 300 registered members coming from various nationalities. There has also been established quiet a few well-qualified research co-operations within the group members, which have generated valuable contributions to the DSS field in journal publications. Check about the research collaboration within the EWG-DSS via some results of the Collab-Net Project.

Since its creation, the EWG-DSS has held annual Meetings in various European countries, has taken active part in the EURO Conferences on decision-making related subjects; and has organized several workshops and conferences on different topics around Decision Support Systems. Check the list of EWG-DSS activities in Conferences.

In 2019, the EWG-DSS celebrates its 30th Anniversary and organizes its annual ICDSST Conference back in Madeira, Portugal. Further details about the EWG-DSS 30-Years Celebration can be found in the ICDSST 2019 Homepage