ICDSST 2023 (Albi, France)

Albi, France Albi, France

ICDSST 2023 Venue: IMT Mines Albi, Albi, France Industrial Engineering Center – Centre Génie Industriel   Theme Decision Support Systems in an Uncertain World: The Contribution of Digital Twins May 30 to June 01, 2023, Albi, France   (Download CFP – ICDSST 2023 Call-for-Papers) The EURO Working Group on Decision Support Systems invites you to participate in the […]


Thessaloniki, Greece , Greece

ICDSST 2022 in Thessaloniki, Greece ICDSST 2022 Venue: University of Macedonia, Thessaloniki, Greece Department of Business Administration Sponsored by the Research Committee of the University of Macedonia The conference proceedings can be found HERE!

ICDSST 2021, Loughborough (United Kingdom)

Loughborough, United Kingdom Epinal Way, Loughborough, LE11 3TU, Loughborough, United Kingdom

ICDSST 2021 The full details of the ICDSST 2021 conference including the ‘call for papers’ can be found in 2021 conference website: https://icdsst2021.wordpress.com/   Euro Working Group on Decision Support Systems (EWG-DSS), under the umbrella of EURO (the Association of European Operational Research Societies), invites you to participate in the 7th International Conference on Decision […]

ICDSST 2019, Madeira (Portugal)

Rectory Building of the University of Madeira, UMA-Reitoria (Colégio dos Jesuítas) in the center of Funchal, Madeira, Portugal R. dos Ferreiros Estrada, Funchal, Madeira, Portugal

EWG-DSS 5th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology  “Decision Support Systems: Main Developments & Future Trends” A look backwards over the last 30 years to evaluate how well we stand on the research areas of Decision Making and in which direction we should better proceed. Conference homepage: https://icdsst2019.wordpress.com/

ICDSST 2018, Heraklion (Greece)

Hellenic Center for Marine Research , Greece

ICDSST – PROMETHEE DAYS 2018 4th International Conference on Decision Support System Technology – ICDSST 2018 & PROMETHEE DAYS 2018 "Sustainable Data-Driven & Evidence-based Decision Support with applications to the Environment and Energy sector" https://icdsst2018.wordpress.com


ICDSST 2017, Namur (Belgium)

Faculty of Economics, Social Sciences and Business Administration of the University of Namur Rempart de la Vierge 8, Namur, Belgium

EWG-DSS 2017 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology "Data, Information and Knowledge Visualisation in Decision Making" https://icdsst2017.wordpress.com/


ICDSST 2016, Plymouth (UK)

Graduate School of Management, Mast House, University of Plymouth 24 Sutton Road, Plymouth, United Kingdom

EWG-DSS 2016 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology “Decision Support Systems Addressing Sustainability & Societal Challenges” https://icdsst2016.wordpress.com


ICDSST 2015, Belgrade (Serbia)

University of Belgrade - Faculty of Organizational Sciences Jove Ilica 154, Belgrade, Serbia

EWG-DSS 2015 International Conference on Decision Support System Technology “Big Data Analytics for Decision-Making” https://ewgdssbelgrade2015.wordpress.com    

€ 250

Thessaloniki (Greece) 2013

University of Macedonia Egnatias 156, Thessaloniki, Greece

 EWG-DSS Thessaloniki-2013 Workshop on “Exploring New Directions for Decisions in the Internet Age” https://ewgdssthessaloniki2013.wordpress.com/  


Liverpool (UK) 2012

University of Liverpool - Management School Chatham Building Chatham Street, Liverpool, United Kingdom

EWG-DSS Liverpool-2012 Workshop on “Decision Support Systems & Operations Management Trends and Solutions in Industries” https://ewgdssliverpool2012.wordpress.com/