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BOR Stream at EURO 2022

July 3, 2022 - July 6, 2022

The upcoming EURO 2022 conference will take place during July 3rd -6th, 2022 at Aalto University, Espoo, Finland (https://euro2022espoo.com/). The organisers are planning for an entirely in-person conference, so all participants will need to be present.

We invite contributions to the Behavioural OR Stream that examine behavioural issues in relation to the design, use and evaluation of OR approaches in both laboratory and field settings, and as input to the development of behavioural models. Central to the growing field of Behavioural OR is a concern with unpacking what people actually do when they engage with OR methods, processes and tools, and how their behaviour affects, or is affected by, OR-supported activity. For background, recent reviews of Behavioural OR can be found at: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.ejor.2020.11.031 and https://doi.org/10.1080/01605682.2018.1489355

Your contribution will be a talk based on conceptual or empirical work that is either complete or still ongoing. To enter your contribution, please submit an abstract describing your talk (1500 characters max) to any of the organised Behavioural OR sessions listed below:

Session 01: Preference elicitation

Session code: 04bed779

Session Chair: Judit Lienert ([email protected])

Session 02: Behavioural OR experiments

Session code: d3dcc023

Session Chair: Ayşegül Engin ([email protected])

Session 03: Behavioural forecasting

Session code: e3f33651

Session Chair: Shari De Baets ([email protected])

Session 04: Competences in facilitated modelling

Session code: e4c4506a

Session Chair: Raimo P. Hämäläinen ([email protected])

Session 05: Behavioural decision making

Session code: 2f87c4c1

Session Chair: Konstantinos Katsikopoulos ([email protected])

Session 06: Behavioural operations

Session code: 661befd1

Session Chair: Ilkka Leppanen ([email protected])

Session 07: General papers in Behavioural OR

Session code: e52756ed

Session Chair: L. Alberto Franco ([email protected])


***The submission deadline for abstracts is March 4, 2022***



To submit your abstract, please do the following:

  • Once you are logged in, you have two ways by which you could submit your abstract:
  • To submit your abstract to one of the BOR organised sessions above, please enter the relevant submission code (see above), and then fill all the relevant information.
  • If your abstract does not fit any of the BOR organised sessions above, please submit your abstract using the ‘abstract submission form’. The system will ask you to submit your abstract to a main area called ‘Behavioural OR and Problem Structuring’. From there your abstract will be labelled as a ‘contributed abstract’, and the Behavioural OR Stream Organisers will find it and move it to the Behavioural OR stream so that it can be placed in a relevant session.

Please note that whilst each attendee is only allowed to deliver one talk at the conference, teams of authors could deliver more than one talk if they can reconfigure the order of speakers for different talks.

If you are in doubt regarding which organised Behavioural OR session to submit your abstract to, or have problems with your submission, please contact the relevant Behavioural Stream Chair (see above) or the Behavioural OR Stream Organisers (see below). If you know a colleague who might be interested in submitting an abstract please feel free to forward this invitation.

If you would like to organise and chair a session within the Behavioural OR stream, please contact the Behavioural OR Stream Organisers (see below). For your information, a session consists of 4 talks with a focus on a particular topic consistent with the theme of the Behavioural OR Stream.

We look forward to seeing you in person at EURO 2022!

Alberto Franco ([email protected])

Raimo Hämäläinen ([email protected])

Behavioural OR Stream Organisers

EURO 2022 Conference, Aalto University, Espoo, Finland


July 3, 2022
July 6, 2022


Aalto University
Espoo, Finland + Google Map