Several members of the Working Group have worked intensively on the topic of Ethics and OR through different approaches, and many of them have published in indexed journals of our area. The list would be very large but, in any case, there are four special issues that deserve to be highlighted since they were centered on the group itself:

– A dedicated issue of EJDP European Journal of Decision Processes 4/1-2 (2016) with contributions of P.L. Kunsch, M. Lemenestrel & Luk Vanwassenhove, U. Reisach, and F. Wenstøp (see PAST PUBLICATIONS) gives you access to the article of Pierre Kunsch in this dedicated issue

– A special issue of ITOR (International Transactions in Operational Research) was published July 2010 with papers based on the workshop on ETHICS IN DECISION MAKING June 9th at the HCP (Human Centered Processes) conference in DELFT (The Netherlands) on June 9-12,2008, organized by professor J.Pierre Brans (VUB-Brussels)([email protected])

– A special issue of Omega Volume 37, Issue 6, December 2009 on OR and ethics with Luk van Wassenhove and Marc Le Menestrel as editors gained significant popularity at ScienceDirect monitor of downloads April-June 2009. Most of the papers entered the top 25 list within Business, Management and Accounting, as well as withib Decision Sciences. Contributions were: Ethical Guidelines and Codes in Operations Research, by Saul I. Gass; Does the Best Practice of Rational-Style Model-Based Policy Analysis Already Include Ethical Considerations? by Warren E. Walker; Ethics and Operational Research: Ethical issues in tracking cellular telephones at an event, by Antony K. Cooper, Hans W. Ittmann, Theo Stylianides and Peter M. Schmitz; Ethics beyond the Model: How Social Dynamics Can Interfere with Ethical Practices in Operational Research/Management Science, by John Brocklesby; Challenge of Research Ethics Committees to the Nature of Operations Research, by Leroy White; Why good practice of OR is not enough – Ethical challenges for the OR practitioner, by Felix Rauschmayer, Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos, Pierre L. Kunsch and Marc Le Menestrel; Modeling complex ethical decision problems with Operations Research, by Pierre L. Kunsch, Iordanis Kavathatzopoulos and Felix Rauschmayer; On Operations Research and Value Conflicts, by Fred E. Wenstøp and Haavard Koppang; Opportunities and Pitfalls for Ethical Analysis in Operations Research and the Management Sciences, by Emmanuel Picavet.

– A special issue of EJOR has been published (European Journal of Operational Research, Volume 153, Issue 2, 1 March 2004). It contains papers presented at the 12th Mini EURO Conference, held in Brussels (April, 2-5, 2002), in particular contributions about Ethics and OR of J.-P. Brans, G. Gallo, M. Le Menestrel and L.N. Van Wassenhove, P.L. Kunsch, J.C.N. Clímaco.