"Relativity applies to physics, not ethics." – Albert Einstein


Ethical concerns have been present since the origins of OR, addressing all dimensions of this discipline in society. The EURO Working Group (EWG) on “Ethics and OR” has been created one year after the inspiring opening lecture of Professor J.P. Brans of the Vrije Universiteit Brussel on “OR, Ethics and Decision”. Meanwhile we have been active in EURO and IFORS conferences and see our mission, OR for the common good, becoming widespread in many OR subjects.

The working group understands itself as constituting a network gathering scientists, teachers and professionals in the field of Operational Research who are committed to inspire OR researchers, teachers, students and consultants to integrate ethical aspects and considerations in their activities; assuming our Responsibility within the decision-making process. Our EWG aims at a valuable and lively contribution to our EURO conferences, scientifically and socially, especially in close collaboration within EURO and with other EWGs.