Making an Impact at EURO 2022

Making An Impact: The Practitioners’ Stream, organised by the EURO Practitioners’ Forum

˝Making an Impact˝ is a conference stream dedicated to helping OR practitioners improve their effectiveness, develop their skills and knowledge, and do a better job of OR in practice.

The MAI stream ( MAI EURO Espoo 2022 ) offers the chance not just to take part in really useful sessions to help your practice, but also to meet leading experts in the field and pick their brains to help with your knottiest problems – experts who may just have the solution you are looking for.

At Making an Impact, you will be able to:

  • share your challenges and opportunities with an international peer group
  • be inspired by others’ experience
  • build your network of like-minded people.

Making an Impact welcomes everyone who is interested in increasing the impact of practical OR, whether you are based outside or within academia.

The programme

Latest details of the 2022 programme can be found here.

  • Speed-networking    Meet your peers in a friendly, informal way
  • Fast and furious: lightning talks     Concentrated conference: short and snappy presentations
  • Collecting information from stakeholders: How to get what we need to design/calibrate our models
  • Rapid development of new models: an introduction to SPINE: Save time with SPINE
  • Show don’t tell; prove don’t claim: two tutorials on practical modelling
  • Making the OR/analytics sales pitch  What works in getting customers – interactive discussion
  • What is ‘Excellent’ practical OR? A round-table on what constitutes excellence
  • Ethics in everyday OR practice   An opportunity to consider how to do the right thing, more often
  • Recipes for engaging people in the post-Covid reality Remote comms and real engagement
  • OR in action: Some practical applications of OR: challenges, achievements and learning.
  • Excursion To the HQ of UPM, forest industry leaders.

The Making an Impact stream at Espoo is being organised by Vladimir Fux, Tuomas Lahtinen, Joonas Ollilah, and some of the members of the Practitioners’ Forum coordinating committee: Joaquim Gromicho, Susanna Heipcke, Ruth Kaufman, Waldemar Kocjan,  Adisa Mujezinovic, and Michele Quattrone.

To find out more, and see how you can contribute or get involved, email us at [email protected]

About the EURO Practitioners’ Forum

The EURO Practitioners’ Forum (formerly the EURO Working Group on OR in Practice) aims to help develop supportive networks, and to support and assist OR practitioners, and in particular people whose primary purpose is applying OR in a business/government/charity or similar environment. We believe that practitioners can benefit enormously from networking, sharing experiences, learning from each other, and potentially collaborating with each other; and that there is even more benefit to be gained from cementing links between these practitioners and EURO’s academics.


Current activities include:

  • ‘Making an Impact’ stream within EURO-k conferences;
  • an annual virtual or physical meeting;
  • a monthly webinar series, with recordings available on line.

You can join the Forum and/or the LinkedIn group here, follow us on Twitter or Eventbrite, or find recordings of our events, here:  EURO Working Group on Practice of OR – Applying O.R. to make an impact (