1 December 2023 – The intelligent machinery behind airline ground operations

Speaker: Claude Philippe Medard, Principal Data Scientist, SAP

We discuss solutions to two business processes performed during Airport/Airline Ground Operations.

The first is the challenging task of optimal allocation of Stands and corresponding Tow plans for a large number of aircrafts flying in and out of airports. The second task is the subsequent planning and monitoring of Turnaround processes required for orchestrating all ground handling activities.

The presentation will showcase solution approaches to these highly time-critical operations, both for planning and recovery. The solutions adhere to strict dependency rules as required by operations and provide improved accuracy for Target Off Block Time slot requests to Air Traffic Control (ATC) by incorporating real-time IOT data, ML predictive algorithms for improved duration estimates and Optimization for optimal allocation while balancing multiple objectives.

The study was done with a large commercial airline with data from their productive scenarios.


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