EUROPT Fellowship

EUROPT honors outstanding researchers in continuous optimization by awarding the EUROPT Fellowship. The Fellowship is presented to the awarded researcher annually, at the EUROPT Workshop. The Fellow delivers the EUROPT Fellow Lecture as a plenary talk at the Workshop.

The Chair of the EUROPT Managing Board supervises the whole selection procedure.



Except the MB Chair, each EUROPT member can nominate candidates for the Fellowship. Self nominations are not allowed. The nomination must include a short motivating letter and a summary of the candidate’s CV. After the call for nominations is sent out, nominations including the required material must be emailed to the MB Chair by the given deadline.

Nomination Criteria:

Nominees must satisfy one or both of the following criteria:

1. Outstanding scientific contributions to continuous optimization, such as original theoretical results, innovative applications, and/or successful software development.

2. Outstanding administrative contributions to the continuous optimization community, in particular to EUROPT, such as organizing conferences, special issues, and serving at editorial boards of international scientific journals.

Members of the EUROPT Managing Board, EUROPT Fellows as well as honorary chairs are not eligible to be nominated.

Selection committee and voting procedure:

Preliminary, the EUROPT Managing Board validates the nominations. Exclusions are possible only by unanimous vote.
The selection committee is made by the EUROPT Managing Board, the EUROPT Fellows and the past MB Chairs. Members making a nomination and nominees cannot participate in the selection committee. The MB Chair sets the schedule of the procedure and provides the committee with all the material that is required for the selection.
A two round system is used as voting method. In each round each voter has one vote. In the first round the absolute majority of the votes that have been cast is required. Otherwise, the two candidates who receive the largest number of votes are retained for the second round and the one getting the most votes in the new round is selected. Ties are broken by the vote of the MB Chair.