About us

EUROPT aims at promoting and facilitating communication links among European (and other) researchers working in areas of continuous optimization. In particular EUROPT goals include:


  • disseminating state-of-the-art knowledge and supporting research in continuous optimization
  • contributing to the education of young optimization researchers and students (organizing EURO Summer and Winter Institutes, and by announcing Ph.D. Programs etc.)
  • facilitating the gathering of the continuous optimization community in Europe under the umbrella of EURO
  • building and maintaining links with special interest groups inside and outside EURO
  • supporting the foundation of new EURO working groups
  • supporting preparation, refereeing and editing of publications
  • establishing regular information channels and regular meetings
  • building links to users of continuous optimization methodology
  • involving industrial organizations and users of optimization in the activities listed above
  • promoting interdisciplinary research with colleagues from science, engineering and economy, with continuous optimization being a key technology.