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EWG ORSDCE, the EURO Working Group on Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering is a working group the main purpose of which is to provide a platform for communication among researchers who developing optimization techniques and practitioners interested in applying in the fields of Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering.

The decision to establish the EURO Working Group on OR in Sustainable Development and Civil Engineering was taken after long international collaboration between researchers from several European countries (Lithuania, Germany, Poland, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Latvia, Estonia, Czech Republic, Slovenia). The working group was established at EURO XXIII (Bonn, 2009).

EWG ORSDCE is the Working Group of EURO, the Association of European Operational Research Societies, officially sanctioned and financially supported by EURO.

The application of OR methods in issues of sustainable development and civil engineering is important in striving to resolve the conflicts between the various competing goals in pursuit of economic prosperity, environmental quality, social equity and technological efficiency. Emphasizing the aforementioned issues, the working group raises the following objectives:

  • to develop and apply the multi-criteria decision-making methods in the fields of sustainable development and civil engineering;
  • to promote the innovations based on application of multi-criteria decision-making methods in construction industry;
  • to facilitate the collaborations between European researchers working in field of OR in civil engineering and sustainable development;
  • to ensure the continuity and progress of work and to transfer for scientific communities the ideas of multi-criteria decision aiding, the results of work, thoughts and important discussions of group members by means of annual meetings and conferences.


If you have an information on event you want to share, any suggestions, a question you want to put to the community, please contact the coordinator.