10-13 February 1998, Murcia, Spain

Organizer: B. PELEGRIN

Top row: Melquiades Pérez, Mr. Campos, Clara Campos, Pablo Dorta, Antonio Lozano, Isabel Albaladejo, Justo Puerto, Stefan Nickel,  Angar Weissler, Juan Antonio Díaz, Elena Fernández, Horst Hamacher.

Third row: Rafael Suarez, María Dolores Santos, Mercedes Landete, Yannis Giannikos, Gabor Nagy, James Charles, María Albareda, John Hodgson, Mrs. Hodgson.

Second row: Dionisio Pérez, Jörg Fliege, Peter Peeters, Stefano Benati, Blas Pelegrín, Mrs. Rosing, Ken Rosing, Francisco Ramón Fernandez, Pascual Fernández, José Fernández.

Bottom row: Frank Plastria, Rafael Blanquero, Eduardo Conde, Alfredo Marín, Emilio Carrizosa, Francisco Ortega, Lázaro Cánovas.


  • A. MARIN: “Some lower bounds for the two-stage uncapacitated facility location problem”
  • I. ALBALADEJO and M.T. DIAZ: “Spatial interaction models in location analysis”
  • P. DORTA, D.R. SANTOS and R. SUAREZ: “Attraction criteria in competitive location problems”
  • J. FERNANDEZ and B. PELEGRIN: “Sensitivity analysis in continuous location models via interval analysis”
  • J. FLIEGE: “Solving convex location problems with gauges in polynomial time”
  • F. ORTEGA and J.A. MESA: “A methodology for modelling travel distances by bias estimation”
  • F.R. FERNANDEZ, M. NDIAYE, S. NICKEL and J. PUERTO: “Robustness in the Pareto-solutions for the multicriteria Weber location problem”
  • M. ALMINYANA, F. BORRAS and J.T. PASTOR: “A comparison between location reliability models and some improvements”
  • R. BLANQUERO, E. CARRIZOSA, R. INFANTE and J. MUNOZ: “Locating a facility outside the transportation network”
  • P. FERNANDEZ and B. PELEGRIN: “Location of central points with minimal superior section on trees”
  • F.R. FERNANDEZ, F. JIMENEZ, L. MUNOZ and J. PUERTO: “Gauge functions and portolano charts”
  • P. DORTA, D.R. SANTOS and R. SUAREZ: “A Stackelberg model in spatial competition with externalities”
  • J. FLIEGE: “A numerical scheme for location problems in inhomogeneus spaces”
  • K. ROSING: “Heuristic concentration: a heuristic-heuristic heuristic”
  • A. SCHOBEL: “A strong incidence criterion for locating lines in the plane”
  • M.J. CANOS, C. IVORRA and V. LIERN: “Fuzzy methods in location problems”
  • M.D. GARCIA, M. LAFUENTE and B. PELEGRIN: “On a bicriteria optimization model on a tree”
  • J. FERNANDEZ, L. CANOVAS and B. PELEGRIN: “Decomposing a polygonal region with holes into convex polygonal subregions”
  • D. PEREZ and J.A. MORENO: “The location-allocation-routing model for the waste management system in the Canaries”
  • A. WEISSLER, S. NICKEL, J. PUERTO and A. RODRIGUEZ: “General continuous multicriteria location problems”
  • S. BENATTI: “Competitive location under hierarchical decision process”
  • P.L. PAPINI: “Cent-dian problems”
  • J. HODGSON: “Using a desktop GIS (ArcView) in locational analysis”
  • I. ALONSO, E. CARRIZOSA and E. CONDE: “A maximin problem with nonlinear utilities on networks”
  • P.H. PEETERS: “Single facility static competitive model with stochastic allocation rule”
  • C.M. CAMPOS and J.A. MOERNO: “The tolerant condorcet point”
  • J.A. DIAZ and E. FERNANDEZ: “A hybrid Grasp-Tabu algorithm for the pure integer capacitated plant location problem”
  • M. EHRGOTT, H. HAMACHER and S.NICKEL: “Geometric algorithms for solving max ordering location problems”
  • E. CONDE, E. CARRIZOSA and A. PASCUAL: “DEA-efficient location”
  • I. GIANNIKOS and M. DIMOPOULOU: “An integrated methodology for forest fire management and control”
  • J. HODGSON and I. GETTY: “Aggregation errors in location analysis: the case of Edmonton, Canada”
  • F. ORTEGA, J.A. MESA and A. SANCHEZ: “An iterative method for solving Weber’s problem in R2 with lp-norms, p in (1,2) based in linear programming”
  • M.C. LOPEZ and J.A. MESA: “Locating the 1-variance of a network with continuous link demands”
  • L. CANOVAS, M. LANDETE and A. MARIN: “A survey of polyhedral results on location problems”
  • M. PEREZ, F. ALMEIDA and J.M. MORENO: “Fast heuristics for the p-hub location problem”
  • M. MUNOZ and E. CARRIZOSA: “Anticipation policies for queueing location problems”
  • S. NICKEL and B. KAFER: “Sandwich approximation for location problems”
  • G. NAGY and S. SALHI: “Modelling considerations in location-routing”
  • H. HAMACHER and S. NICKEL: “LOLA: a package for locators”
  • J.A. MESA and A. LOZANO: “On the location of obnoxious facilities”
  • M.T. CACERES, M.C. LOPEZ and J.A. MESA: “An approach to the path-variance problem in a tree”
  • F. PLASTRIA: “Asymptotic analysis of aggregation errors in minisum location”
  • E. CARRIZOSA and F. PLASTRIA: “Dominators for biobjective planar models”
  • D. SERRA, V. MARIANOV and C. REVELLE: “Hubs location in competitive environment”
  • E. CARRIZOSA and S. NICKEL: “Robust facility location”
  • Y. HINOJOSA and J. PUERTO: “Location problems with some structural existing facilities”
  • B. BOFFEY: “Network covering-location models”
  • J.C. JAMES and S. SALHI: “The location of protection devices on an electrical tree network: a heuristic approach”


ALBADALEJO PINA Isabel (Spain), ALBAREDA Maria (Spain), ALMINANA ALEMANY Marc (Spain), BENATI Stefano (Italy), BLANQUERO BRAVO Rafael (Spain), BOFFEY Brian T. (United Kingdom), BORRAS ROCHER Fernando (Spain), CACERES SANSALONI Ma Teresa (Spain), CAMPOS RODRIGUEZ Clara (Spain), CANOS DAROS Ma José‚ (Spain), CANOVAS MARTINEZ Lazaro (Spain), CARRIZOSA Emilio (Spain), CHARLES James (England), CONDE SANCHEZ Eduardo (Spain), DIAZ DELFA Maria Teresa (Spain), DORTA GONZALEZ Pablo (Spain), FERNANDEZ Francisco Ramon (Spain), FERNANDEZ AREIZAGA Elena (Spain), FERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ José‚ (Spain), FERNANDEZ HERNANDEZ Pascual (Spain), FLIEGE Jörg (Germany), GIANNIKOS Ioannis (Greece), HAMACHER Horst W. (Germany), HODGSON John (Canada), IVORRA CASTILLO Carlos (Spain), LAFUENTE LECHUGA Matilde (Spain), LANDETE RUIZ Mercedes (Spain), LIERN CARRION Vicente (Spain), LOPEZ DE LOS MOZOS MARTIN Ma Cruz (Spain), LOZANO PALACIO Antonio Jos‚ (Spain), MARIN PEREZ Alfredo (Spain), NAGY Gabor (United Kingdom), NICKEL Stefan (Germany), ORTEGA RIEJOS Francisco Alonso (Spain), PAPINI Pier Luigi (Italy), PASTOR CIURANA Jesus T. (Spain), PEETERS Peter H. (Belgium), PELEGRIN PELEGRIN Blas (Spain), PEREZ BRITO Dionisio (Spain), PEREZ PEREZ Melquíades (Spain), PLASTRIA Frank (Belgium), PUERTO ALBANDOZ Justo (Spain), RODRIGUEZ CHIA Antonio(Spain), ROSING Ken E. (The Netherlands), SANCHEZ GOMEZ Ana Beatriz (Spain), SANTOS PENATE Dolores Rosa (Spain), SCHOEBEL Anita (Germany), SERRA Daniel (Spain), SUAREZ VEGA Rafael (Spain), WEISSLER Ansgar (Germany),


Selected papers of EWGLA10, 300 p.
guest editor: B.PELEGRIN
Studies in Locational Analysis, Issue 14.
ISSN 1105-5162