25-27 September 1995, Lambrecht, Germany

Organizers: H. W. HAMACHER, S. NICKEL


  • Z.DREZNER and G.O.WESOLOWSKY: “Location Allocation With Demand Costs”
  • F.ALMEIDA-RODRIGUEZ, D.MORALES, J.L.RODA, F.GARCIA and C.RODRIQUEZ:”Design of Parallel Algorithms For The Single Resource Allocation Problem”
  • I.CORREIRA and M.E.CAPTIVO: “A Study On The Capacitated Plant Location Problem”
  • D.PEREZ BRITO and J.A. MORENO PEREZ): “Forests For Solving The p-Median Problems In General Graphs”
  • C.MAUCKNER, H.NOLTEMEIER and S.O.KRUMKE: “Finding Placement Sequences And Bin Locations For Pick- And Place- Robots”
  • F.PLASTRIA: “Euclidean Minimal Covering Problems”
  • H.MARTINI: “A Geometric Generalization of Fasbender’s Duality”
  • F.FERNANDEZ and J.PUERTO: “The Polyhedral Norm Approach To Facility Location Problems”
  • J.A.MESA: “The Conditional Path Center Problem In Tree Graphs”
  • Anita SCHÖBEL: “Locating Least-Distance Lines With Block-Norms”
  • D.CIESLIK: “Methods To Finds Steiner Minimal Trees In Banach-Minkowski Planes”
  • A.SCHNEIDER: “A Classification Scheme For Location Problems”
  • I.THOMAS and D.PEETERS: “Choosing A Measure Of Distance For Applied Location-Allocation Models: Simulations Based On The lp-Distance And The k-Median Model”
  • P.H.PEETERS: “Some Algorithms For The Minquantile Location Problems On Networks”
  • J.A.MESA LÓPEZ-COLMENAR and F.A.ORTEGA RIEJOS: “Determining Regular Planar Networks For Each Given lp Function (p in [0,2) )”
  • N.GUTTMANN and R.HASSIN: “Approximation Algorithms For Minimum Tree Partition”
  • M.MUÑOZ-MÁRQUEZ, E.CARRIZOSA and J.PUERTO: “The Regional Weber Problem”
  • P.L.PAPINI: “Perturbation Of Sets And Medians”
  • N.MLADENOVIC, J.A. MORENO PEREZ and J.M. MORENO VARGAS: “An Statistical Analysis Of Strategies For Multistart Heuristic Searches For p-Facility Location-Allocation Problems”
  • G.NAGY and S.SALHI: “Nested Heuristic Methods For Location-Routing Problems”
  • A.M.SÁNCHEZ SOLANA, J.I.PELÁEZ SÁNCHEZ and J.MUÑOZ PEREZ: “A System Of Genetic Algorithms For The Optimisation Of The Vehicle Routing Problem With Time-Capacity And An Access-Exit Intermission Node”
  • H.W.HAMACHER: “Discretization Of Planar Location Problems”
  • K.KLAMROTH: “Planar Location Problems With Line Barriers”
  • S.NICKEL: “Location Problems With Multiple Criteria Under Polyhedral Gauges”
  • S.O.KRUMKE, H.NOLTEMEIER, S.S.RAVI and M.V.MARATHE: “Bicriteria Location Problems”
  • C.WANKA: “Location, Duality And The Variational Principle”
  • C.TAMMER: “Approximate Solutions Of Vector- Valued Location Problems”
  • M.C.FONSECA and M.E.CAPTIVO: “Location With Two Objectives”
  • V.CHEPOI: “Efficient Points Of Simple Rectilinear Polygons”
  • N.MLADENOVIC and J.BRIMBERG: “A Variable Neighbourhood Algorithm For Solving The Continuous Location-Allocation Problem”
  • D.PEETERS and J.F.THISSE: “The Production-Location Problem Revisited”
  • F.PLASTRIA and E.CARRIZOSA PRIEGO : “Locating An Undesirable Facility By Generalized Cutting Planes”
  • C.FERREIRA, M.CAPTIVO, B.S.SANTOS and J.CLIMACO: “On Locating Undesirable Facilities”
  • J.KARKAZIS: “Location Of Facilities Using Discretized (‘Kvantum’) Search””
  • I.GIANNIKOS and E.RIZAKOU: “The Use Of A Flexible Planning Methodology In Making Locatinal Decisions Under Uncertainty”
  • A.RODRIGUEZ-CHIA and J.PUERTO: “A dynamic version of the Weber problem”
  • F.SALANDHA DA GAMA and M.E.CAPTIVO: “The Dynamic Approach to Weber Problem”


ALMEIDA RODRIGUEZ Paco (Spain), BECKER Horst (Germany), BRAKHAGE Helmut (Germany), BROCKMANN Annette (Germany), BREITENBACH Harald (Germany), CARBONE A. (Italy), CHEPOI Victor (Germany), CIESLIK Dietmar (Germany), CORREIRA Isabel (Portugal), CUNTZ Michael (Germany), DREZNER Zvi (USA), DUDENHÖFER Eva-Maria (Germany), EHRGOTT Matthias (Germany), FERNANDEZ GARCIA Francisco Ramon (Spain), FERREIRA Carlos (Portugal), FLIEGE Jörg (Germany), FONSECA M. Conceicao (Portugal), FRANCIS R. L. (USA), GIANNIKOS Ioannis (United Kingdom), GUTTMANN Nili (Israel), HAMACHER Horst W. (Germany), KÄFER Barbara (Germany), KARKAZIS John (Greece), KLAMROTH Kathrin (Germany), KOHL Thorsten (Germany), KREIBLICH Matthias (Germany), KRUMKE Oliver (Germany), KÜFER Karlheinz (Germany), LEIPE Ralf (Germany), LUPASCU Doru (Germany), MARKS Stefanie (Germany), MARTINI Horst (Germany), MAUCKNER Christian (Germany), MÄURER Gunter (Germany), MESA LOPEZ-COLMENAR Juan Antonio (Spain), MICHELOT Christian (France), MLADENOVIC Nenad (Canada), MÖLLER Volker (Germany), MORENO PEREZ José Andres (Spain), MUNOZ-MARQUEZ Manuel (Spain), MÜLLER Antje (Germany), MÜLLER Frantz (Germany), MÜLLER Martin C. (Germany), NAGY Gabor (United Germany), NDIAYE Malick M. (Germany), NICKEL Stefan (Germany), NOLTEMEIER Hartmut (Germany), ORTEGA RIEJOS Francisco Alonso (Spain), PAPINI Pier Luigi (Italy), PEETERS Dominique (Belgium), PEETERS Peter H. (Belgium), PELAEZ SANCHEZ Jose Ignacio (Spain), PEREZ BRITO Dionisio (Spain), PLASTRIA Frank (Belgium), PUERTO ALBANDOZ Justo (Spain), RODRIGUEZ-CHIA Antonio M. (Spain), ROOS Thomas (Germany), SALDANHA-DA-GAMA Francisco (Portugal), SALHI Said (United Kingdom), SANCHEZ SOLANA Antonio Miguel (Spain), SCHÖBEL Anita (Germany), SCHNEIDER Anja (Germany), SCHWEIGERT Dietmar (Germany), TAMMER Christiane (Germany), THOMAS Isabele M. L. A. (Belgium), VINCE Andrew (USA), WANKA Gert (Germany), WEISSLER Ansgar (Germany), WIECEK Margaret (USA)


Recent Advances in Locational Analysis, 176 p.
Studies in Locational Analysis, Issue 10.
ISSN 1105-5162