3-6 July 1989, Chios, Greece

Organizers: J. KARKAZIS / B. BOFFEY


Third row: Brian BOFFEY, Jose VIEGAS, Jaap VAN DIJK, Hans KUIPER, Subhash NARULA

Second row: Christian MICHELOT, Françoise ORBAN-FERAUGE, C. PAULINO, Jean-Pierre BRANS, Manfred KORKEL, Kay HOLMBERG

Front row: Juan Antonio MESA, Francisco (Paco) R. FERNANDEZ-GARCIA, ?, Frank PLASTRIA, Franz RENDL, Kurt JORNSTEN, Gilbert LAPORTE


  • J.P.BRANS: “Visual interactive modelling for multicriteria location problems”.
  • F.PLASTRIA: “The Euclidean p-Centre Sum problem”.
  • H.IDRISSI, O.LEFEBVRE, C.MICHELOT: “About continuous multifacility location problems under the min-max criterion”.
  • M.J.DE MEIRLEIR: Title to be announced.
  • V.ANGELIS: “Factors affecting the movement and location of both industrial units and their employees”.
  • H.KUIPER: “Locational behaviour in a spatial economic equilibrium model according to Tinbergen & Bos”.
  • S.C.NARULA: “Hierarchical location-allocation on a network: a survey”.
  • J.A.MESA: “Multiperiod median locations on tree graphs with continuous link demands”.
  • B.PELEGRIN: “The p-Centre in Rn with weighted Tchebycheff norm”.
  • H.A.EISELT, G.LAPORTE: “A competitive 3-facility model on a tree”.
  • M.KORKEL: “Locating concentrators on telecommunication networks with tree structure”.
  • P.BARCELO, E. FERNANDEZ, K.JORNSTEN: “Constraint generation procedures for capacitated plant location problems using Lagrangean and LP relaxation”.
  • T.B.BOFFEY, D.F.YATES: “Planning drainage networks”.
  • J.J.VAN DIJK: “Management theories of the firm in locational analysis”.
  • D.KATOCHIANOU: “Distribution of a Manufacturing Employment in a Place-Activity Hierarchy”.
  • M.J.HODGSON: “A flow-capturing location-allocation model”.
  • K.HOLMBERG: “Transportation and location problems with staircase costs: models and solution methods”.
  • F.RENDL, H.WOLKOWICZ: “Bounds for the Quadratic Assignment problem”.
  • J.KARKAZIS, T.B.BOFFEY: “Location on a linear facility”.
  • M.DIMOPOULOU: “Location of industrial units: the case of the East Aegean”.
  • J.P.RASSON, J.M.DAWAGNE, F.DELPEREE, F.ORBAN-FERAUGE: “The supervised classification problem: what happens with a new basic hypothesis (the Poisson process hypothesis)?
  • C.PAULINO, J.M.VIEGAS: “Optimal paths in the plane with soft barriers and variable demands”.


ANGELIS V. (Greece), BOFFEY T.B. (Great Britain), BRANS J.P. (Belgium), DAWAGNE J.M. (Belgium), VAN DIJK J.J. (The Netherlands), DIMOPOULOU M. (Greece), EISELT H.A. (Canada), FERNANDEZ F.R. (Spain), HODGSON M.J. (Canada), HOLMBERG K. (Sweden), JORNSTEN K. (Norway), KARKAZIS J. (Greece), KATOCHIANOS N. (Greece), KARYDIS M. (Greece), KOKKOSIS H. (Greece), KORKEL M. (W. Germany), KUIPER H. (The Netherlands), LAPORTE G. (Canada), LOUVEAUX F.V. (Belgium), MESA J. (Spain), MICHELOT C. (France), MLADENOVIC (Yugoslavia), NARULA S.C. (USA), ORBAN-FERAUGE F. (Belgium), PAULINO CESUR C. (Portugal), PELEGRIN B. (Spain), PLASTRIA F. (Belgium), RENDL F. (Austria), ROSING K.E. (The Netherlands), VIEGAS J.M. (Portugal), DE MEIRLEIR M.J. (Belgium).


EWGLA4 – Proceedings, 249 p.
editors: J. KARKAZIS and T.B. BOFFEY
Studies in Locational Analysis, Vol 1.