27-28 November 1985, Dijon, France

Organizers: C. MICHELOT / R. DURIER


  • J.P.BRANS: Information about EURO (The Association of European Operational Research Societes).
  • V.KNUDSEN, J.KRARUP: “Optimal location under equilibrium allocation”.
  • G.LAPORTE: “On the optimal location of post boxes in a urban environment”.
  • F.PLASTRIA: “A location problem on the torus”.
  • F.R.FERNANDEZ, B.PELEGRIN: “Some aspects of the location problems with polyhedral norms”.
  • P.KARAGIORGIS, J.KARKAZIS: “Locating the maximum circle inscribed in a non-convex polytope”.
  • L.B.KOVACS: “The impact of set covering models/algorithms on location theory”.
  • T.B.BOFFEY:”Network design”.
  • “A hierarchical covering location problem”.
  • D.PEETERS, P.HANJOUL: “A facility location problem with client’s preference constraints”.
  • J.C.THILL: “Multipurpose shopping behavior and Nash-Cournot equilibrium”.
  • R.DURIER, C.MICHELOT: “Efficient points and Fermat-Weber problem”.


BARDA H. (France), BOFFEY T.B. (Great Britain), BRANS J.P. (Belgium), CANTINAT J.C. (France), DJEMAL .(Tunisie), DURIER R. (France), FERNANDEZ F.R. (Spain), HANSEN L.A. (Denmark), IDRISSI H. (France), KARKAZIS J. (Greece), KARAGIORGIS P. (Greece), KNUDSEN V. (Denmark), KOVACS L.B.(Denmark), KRARUP J. (Denmark), LABBE M. (Belgium), LAPORTE G. (Canada), LEFEBVRE O. (France), LORIDAN P. (France), LOUVEAUX F. (Belgium), MICHELOT C. (France), MORENO J.A. (Spain), MLADENOVIC N. (Yugoslavia), NIELSEN S. (Denmark), PEETERS D. (Belgium), PELEGRIN B. (Spain), PEREZ I. (France), PLASTRIA F. (Belgium), PREVOT M. (France), ROSTGAARD K. (Denmark), THILL J-C. (Belgium).


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