Alexandros Tzanetos

Institution: University of the Aegean Country: Greece Interests: Nature-Inspired Algorithms, Operational Research, Evolutionary Algorithms Website: -

Dr. Alexandros Tzanetos holds a (5-year) Diploma in Financial and Management Engineering and a Doctoral Diploma in Artificial Intelligence, both from the University of the Aegean, School of Engineering, Dept. of Financial and Management Engineering. His doctoral research focuses on Nature-Inspired Intelligence. In parallel, during the last six years he has been an active member of the Management and Decision Engineering Laboratory (MDE-Lab: under the direction of Professor Georgios Dounias. His research interests include the development of novel Nature Inspired Algorithms and their applications in real world problems, as well as their hybridization with other Computationally Intelligent methods. Dr. Tzanetos studies engineering aspects of optimization problems from the fields of Financial Engineering, Management Engineering, Decision Engineering and Operational Research. He is a member of the Hellenic Association of Artificial Intelligence (EETN), the Technical Chamber of Greece (TEE), Economic Chamber of Greece (OEE) and the Panhellenic Association of Financial and Management Engineers.