EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis

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1st EURO Summer Institute

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20 July – 10 August 1984, Brussels, Belgium


  • P.HANSEN (Belgium)
  • J.F.THISSE (Belgium)
  • J.KRARUP (Denmark)
  • A.H.G.RINNOOY-KAN (Netherlands)
  • F.PLASTRIA (Belgium)


  • J.-P.BRANS (Belgium)
  • F.PLASTRIA (Belgium)
  • M.DESPONTIN (Belgium)
  • L.KAUFMAN (Belgium)


  • Christian MICHELOT (France): "Geometric properties of the Weber-Fermat problem"
  • José A. MORENO (Spain): "About the m-center problems"
  • Dominique PEETERS (Belgium): "Design and implementation of programs for large scale location problems"
  • Blas PELEGRIN (Spain): "On the uniqueness of solutions in planar location theory"
  • John KARKAZIS (Greece): "Principal direction search, a new and promising method of search for unconstrained LP formulations"
  • Franz RENDL (Austria): "A thermodynamically motivated simulation procedure for combinatorial optimization problems, and, Eigenvalue approach to quadratic assignment problems"
  • Hans Jürgen BANDELT (Germany): "Networks without Condorcet paradox"
  • José. VIEGAS (Portugal): "Shortest paths for pedestrians and public facility location in towns"
  • Martine LABBÉ (Belgium): "Outcomes of voting and planning: some further results"
  • Kaj HOLMBERG (Sweden): "Facility location with staircase costs"
  • Richard LAUNDY (United Kingdom): "A tree-search algorithm for the multi-commodity location problem"
  • Nenad MLADENOVIC (Yugoslavia): "Non-linear capacitated transportation problems"
  • Manuel DE OLIVIERA (United Kingdom): "Exact and heuristic algorithms for the facilities location problem using a branch and bound methodology"
  • Katalyn LEGRADY (Hungary): "The Pawn model for the Netherlands. A case study of the methodological aspects"


EJOR vol 20, nr 3, June 1985

  • M. LABBE, "Outcomes of voting and planning in single facility location problems"
  • H.-J. BANDELT, "Networks with Condorcet solutions"
  • B. PELEGRIN, CH. MICHELOT, F.PLASTRIA, "On the uniqueness of optimal solutions in continuous locatin theory"
  • R.DURIER, CH.MICHELOT, "Geometrical properties of the Fermat-Weber problem"
  • R.S.LAUNDRY, "A tree search algorithm for the multi-commodity location problem"
  • J.KARKASIS, "Principal direction search: A new method of search for unconstrained LP formulations"
  • F.RENDL, "Ranking scalar products to improve bounds for the quadratic assignment problem"
  • J.VIERGAS, P.HANSEN, "Finding shortest paths in the plane in the presence ofbarriers to travel (for any lp-norm)"
  • J.A.MORENO, "A correction to the definition of local center"
  • P.HANJOUL, D.PEETERS, "Comparison of two dual-based procedures for solving the p-median problems"


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