EURO Working Group on Locational Analysis

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The group holds yearly meetings organised by one of its members.

Anyone interested in presenting their work, participating in the discussions, or simply learning and/or consulting about subjects related with locational analysis may join the group and its meetings; their participation will be greatly appreciated. Either theoretical contributions (concepts, methods, etc.), applied research, and the presentation of software, are welcome. Communications, discussions or surveys on new applications, open problems, connections between the field of location theory and related areas are of interest.

EWGLA meetings have always been an enjoyable and very friendly come together of a relatively small but cosy, enthusiastic and energetic group, stimulated by their common centre of interest. Refereed proceedings of each meeting are usually published, and provided free of charge to the participants.

Past EWGLA meetings are listed in the below table. You can click on the links for each meeting for more information regarding that meeting and the conference photo (if available).

Meeting Date Year Place Organizer(s)
EWGLA I Nov. 27-28 1985 Dijon, France R. Durier and C. Michelot
EWGLA II Oct. 9-10 1986 Herceg-Novi, Yugoslavia N. Mladenovic and J. Petric
EWGLA III Sept. 21-24 1988 Sevilla, Spain B. Pelegrin and F. R. Fernandez
EWGLA IV July 3-6 1989 Chios, Greece B. Boffey and J. Karkazis
EWGLA V Sept. 3-6 1990 Namur, Belgium F. Orban-Ferauge and J. P. Rasson
EWGLA VI April 20-25 1992 Puerto de la Cruz, Spain J. M. Moreno
EWGLA VII May 9-11 1994 Brussels, Belgium F. Plastria
EWGLA VIII Sept. 24-28 1995 Lambrecht, Germany H. Hamacher and S. Nickel
EWGLA IX Sept. 5-8 1996 Birmingham, United Kingdom S. Said and B. Boffey
EWGLA X Feb. 10-13 1998 Murcia, Spain B. Pelegrin
EWGLA XI / ISOLDE VIII June 23-29 1999 Coimbra/Estoril, Portugal J. Coutinho-Rodrigues and A. Antunes
EWGLA XII Dec. 14- 17 2000 Barcelona, Spain D. Serra
EWGLA XIII Nov. 28 - Dec 2 2001 Volos, Greece Y. Photis
EWGLA XIV Sep. 11 - 13 2003 Corfu, Greece M. Dimopoulou and I. Giannikos
EWGLA XV Sep. 5-8 2004 Saarbruecken, Germany S. Nickel
EWGLA XVI Feb. 9-11 2007 Estoril, Portugal M. Ndiaye and F. Saldanha da Gama
EWGLA XVII Sep. 17-19 2008 Elche, Spain M. Landete
EWGLA XVIII April 28-30 2010 Naples, Italy G. Bruno
EWGLA XIX Oct. 12-14 2011 Nantes, France O. Peton
EWGLA XX April 17-19 2013 Ankara, Turkey S.A. Alumur and B.Y. Kara
EWGLA XXI / ISOLDE XIII June 16-20 2014 Naples and Capri, Italy G. Bruno
EWGLA XXII May 20-22 2015 Budapest, Hungary B.G. Toth
EWGLA XXIII September 2016 Malaga, Spain E. Dominguez

In addition to the above meetings, two EURO Summer Institutes were held on Locational Analysis and one EURO Winter Institute was held on Location and Logistics:

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