The conference will take place at the Domaine Sol Cress in Spa. We offer lodging options at this site as well as other nearby hotels.

About Spa

photo: B. Lorquet


In the English language there is a specific word for 'health resort' or 'place with thermal baths', namely the word Spa. Very often people don't know that in the Walloon region of Belgium lies the beautiful city of SPA. The name of this city has become a synonym of 'thermal bath' or 'health resort' since the 17th century. Already the Romans had discovered the benefits of this watery place and the name of the city probably comes from the Latin words 'espa' (fountain) and 'sparsa' (from spargere = to bubble up). At the end of the Middle Ages, SPA became more and more famous and started to attract a lot of people who visited the place to use the water for their health benefits. Soon, SPA became know as 'the Café of Europe'. Nowadays, SPA still shows the 'grandeur' of its past.


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