Aims and objectives

The ECCO annual meetings aim to bring together researchers in the field of Combinatorial Optimization to present their work, share experiences, and discuss recent advances in theory and applications. The primary objectives are:

  • exchanging results and experiences in solving real-world combinatorial optimization problems
  • reporting on development and implementation of appropriate models and efficient solution methods for combinatorial optimization problems
  • establishing networking contacts between individuals and research groups working on related topics
  • promoting the work on combinatorial optimization (theory and applications) to the broader scientific community
  • identifying challenging research problems for the field, as well as promising research outlets (both in theory and applications)
  • promoting interactions with researchers in other related fields

Topics of interest

  • theory and applications of combinatorial optimization
  • exact solution algorithms, approximation algorithms, heuristics, and meta-heuristics for combinatorial optimization problems
  • integer programming, global optimization, stochastic integer programming, multi-objective programming, graph theory and network flows
  • application areas include logistics and supply chain optimization, manufacturing, energy production and distribution, land consolidation, telecommunications, bioinformatics, finance, discrete tomography, discrete and hybrid dynamical systems, and other fields.