EWG MODEST, Modelling of economies and societies in transition

NameEWG MODEST, Modelling of economies and societies in transition
AnnouncementInvitations / Call for Papers for MODEST 2014 Worshop have been sent around - watch out for the next round of sending yet in December.
NewsletterMODEST Newsletter is being issued once or twice a year. Until now sixteen issues were produced, the last one in late Fall of 2013. The next one shall be published prior to MODEST 2014 Workshop.
Coordinator Zbigniew Nahorski
Polish Academy of Sci.
Systems Research Inst
Phone: +48.22.8364103
Fax: +48.22.8372772
Coordinator Jan Wojciech Owsinski
Polish Acad. of Sciences
Systems Research Institute
Newelska 6
PL-01 447 Warsaw
Phone: +48 22 3810 213
Fax: +48 22 3810 105
Purpose and historyThe MODEST working group convenes specialists in mathematical and computer modelling, who are especially interested in modelling and analysis of the economic and social transformation processes taking place in the modern world, with explicit emphasis on the processes taking place in the Central and Eastern parts of Europe. It is the purpose of the Working Group to be a forum for exchange of ideas and experiences in this domain, and also to identify those areas where the most acute gaps exist and where modelling is feasible, and to formulate as well as promote research projects for such areas. The modelling that MODEST is most interested in is the pragmatic one (whether macro- or micro-economic, simple regression or complex dynamic, analytic or simulation, but oriented at definite currently debated and crucial questions, as well as based upon real data or real-life guesses). Yet, theoretical models (for example, economico-political ones, based on game theory) are by no means excluded from the MODEST's perspective.

The Working Group was established in the Spring of 1994 as an informal body. By Summer 1994, it reached the critical mass in terms of international and interdisciplinary character of the core membership.

In Fall 1994, MODEST was granted affiliation with the Technical Committee of the International Federation of Automatic Control dealing with "Dynamic Modelling of National and Regional Economies", headed by Professor Berc Rustem from London and, following this, it was proposed that Professor Zbigniew Nahorski would serve as the Vice-Chair of this Technical Committee.

In January 1995, MODEST was granted, to our great satisfaction, the Working Group status with EURO. These two affiliations allow the Group to maintain the connection with two international communities, which are essential for the methodology and implementation of modelling approaches and projects.

MODEST is, locally, institutionally assisted by the Polish Operational and System Research Society, The Interfaces Institute Co. in Warsaw, and by the Systems Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences.
MembersAt around 135 as of Fall 2013.
Past activitiesACTIVITIES 2013:

After the last MODEST Workshop in September 17-18, 2012 in Warsaw, the respective papers, after the initial reviews, were directed to a couple of English-language journals through a standard peer review procedure (the journals being OR&D, FCDS, JAMRIS, C&C, etc.). This process is now at its final stage, with most of papers being either published or accepted for publication.
Preparations for the next MODEST Workshop (Call for Papers), MODEST 2014, were started, as a result of the meeting of MODEST Core Group in september 2013 in Warsaw.
Future activitiesThe next MODEST Workshop shall take place on September 24-26 (Wednesday through Friday), 2014, in Warsaw, again at Palais Staszic, and, as usual, in the framework of the bi-annual BOS (Operations & Systems Research) conference. The Workshop and the BOS Conference in 2014 shall be associated with a number of international meetings, taking place at the same time in September 2014 in Warsaw (dealing with Intelligent Systems, with Soft Methods in Probability & Statistics, as well as Greenhousa Gases Emissions Accounting).
PublicationsThe recent publication, stemming directly from the MODEST workshop 2010, is: Owsinski, J. W., ed: Studies and Proceedings – Polish Association for Knowledge Management, 34. Issue on: MODEST: MODelling of Economies & Societies in Transition – ICT and its impacts – economy – environment – patterns in management, 2010, 118 pages. ISSN 1732-324X
Amel Attour and Christian Longhi: Local innovation policies in services: the role of municipalities in the implementation of e-government
Jan W. Owsinski, Aneta M. Pielak, Krzysztof Sep, Rafal Ponichtera: TIROLS: local Web-based networks centred on self-governmental websites vs. local activity – a project outline
Helena Lindskog, Staffan Brege, Per Olof Brehmer: Consequences of electronic public procurement
Ken Morita, Yun Chen: Transition, disparity and efficiency: on the Yangtze River Delta models of transition
Jan Gadomski, Zbigniew Nahorski: Impact of the emission limiting policy on technological conversion and macroeconomic structure
Piotr Wojewnik, Kamil Zarychto: The impact of happiness capital on economic growth
Wojciech Kozlowski, Piotr Piekos: Identification of simple monetary policy rules with the use of heuristic methods of data analysis
Artur Pluska, Przemyslaw Szufel: Determinants of the maturity structure of the public securities issuance
Agnieszka Glówka, Justyna Jodis, Tomasz Szapiro: Generation of decision rules binding managers’ remuneration and firms’ financial efficiency

The preceding important book was:

Zbigniew Nahorski, Jan W. Owsinski, Tomasz Szapiro, eds., "The Socio-Economic Transformation: Getting Closer to What?". Palgrave-Macmillan, 2007, ISBN 13: 978-0-230-00794-9.
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