World’s first complete open source vehicle routing & scheduling system launched

By integrating the jsprit vehicle routing software toolkit into their flagship ODL Studio application, Open Door Logistics have just released the world’s first complete open source vehicle routing & scheduling system. The jsprit toolkit models many complex vehicle routing problems and ODL Studio provides the data editing, exporting, geocoding, importing, mapping, reporting and route editing capabilities needed by end-users for a stand-alone, fully functional system.

ODL Studio builds upon many other great open source projects and open data sources as well as jsprit. The Graphhopper route planner library provides detailed road-network based distance and time calculations. OpenStreetMap provides the free digital map data which powers ODL Studio and the JasperReports library enables the generation of detailed reports as pdfs and other formats. ODL Studio is released on a business-friendly LGPL open source licence. Watch the tutorial video or download today from