Vacant postdoctoral position at SINTEF – parallel transportation optimization

SINTEF ICT offers a postdoctoral position in hybrid, collaborative optimization methods for transportation problems in the period January 1 2014 until December 31 2015.

The Institute

SINTEF ICT is an institute within the SINTEF Group. SINTEF ICT undertakes research and development projects for industry, the public sector, and funding agencies in the area of information and communication technology. SINTEF ICT has approximately 300 employees and collaborates with a large number of industries and academic institutions in Norway and abroad. The Department of Applied Mathematics at SINTEF ICT performs research activities within modeling and simulation of petroleum reservoirs, geometric modeling, visualization, parallel and heterogeneous scientific computing, and optimization methods for complex planning and scheduling applications.


The Project

The Department of Applied Mathematics has recently acquired a research project in parallel and collaborative methods in transportation optimization (Collab II), as a continuation of the Collab project . The goals are to develop hybrid, collaborative optimization methods targeted at modern PC architectures with a combination of multiple cores for task parallelization, and stream processing accelerators such as GPUs. The target problems are variants of the vehicle routing problem, the TSP, and the dynamic shortest path problem.


The Position

We are currently seeking an innovative postdoctoral researcher with excellent skills in optimization, operations research, parallel computing, and programming.

The postdoctoral researcher will be a key resource in Collab II. The project team consists of highly competent colleagues from the Group of Optimization and the Group of Heterogeneous Computing at SINTEF ICT in Oslo. We will collaborate with excellent research groups abroad.

Applications sent directly to me will not be considered. For more information and how to apply, see:

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