EURO Excellence in Practice Award

In 1995 EURO introduced the EURO Excellence in Practice Award (EEPA) for outstanding accomplishments in the practice of OR. All interested authors are invited to submit a description of an application of OR with a real impact on practice, with original features, whether in methodology, application or implementation. A short-list of finalists are invited to present their work in a special session of the EURO-k Conference. The winner is determined by the jury at the end of the special session and is announced by the chair of the jury during the closing session of the EURO-k Conference. Only one award may be made on each occasion.

This is an excellent opportunity for our members (or members of other working groups, but it seems to me that we are especially well suited for this) to showcase their work in a competition aimed at them. And since the final will be at the EURO-k you could also take part of some of the excellent workshops and presentations made in the ‘Making an impact’-stream that we are organizing.

Good luck and see you there!

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