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Name: Sibel Alumur Alev Interests: -
Institution: University of Waterloo Personal Website: -
Country: Canada Email: [email protected]
Name: Baturhan Bayraktar Interests: Network Design and Optimization, Humanitarian Logistics Operations, Integer and Combinatorial Optimization
Institution: Technical University of Munich Personal Website: -
Country: Germany Email: [email protected]
Name: Víctor Blanco Interests: Second Order Cone Programming, Continuous Location, Mathematical Optimization and Machine Learning, Transportation.
Institution: Universidad de Granada Personal Website:
Country: Spain Email: [email protected]
Name: Carolina Castañeda Interests: Location analysis Location applications Exact and heuristic solution methods. Network Location Discrete Location
Institution: Universitat Pompeu Fabra Personal Website: -
Country: Spain Email: [email protected]
Name: Antonio Diglio Interests: -
Institution: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II Personal Website: -
Country: Italy Email: [email protected]
Name: Cristian Durán Interests: -
Institution: ENSTA - CEDRIC Personal Website: -
Country: France Email: [email protected]
Name: Bernard Fortz Interests: -
Institution: Université libre de Bruxelles Personal Website: -
Country: Belgium Email: [email protected]
Name: Boglárka G.-Tóth Interests: global optimization, competitive facility location, covering problems, regional demand
Institution: University of Szeged Personal Website:
Country: Hungary Email: [email protected]
Name: Majid Karimi Interests: -
Institution: - Personal Website: -
Country: United States Email: [email protected]
Name: Aleksejs Lozkins Interests: Hub location problem, Clustering analysis
Institution: Saint Petersburg State University Personal Website: -
Country: Russian Federation Email: [email protected]
Name: Michael McCormick Interests: Strategic urban planning using gravity models or facility location analysis
Institution: N/A Personal Website: http://N/A
Country: Australia Email: [email protected]
Name: Maria Michopoulou Interests: OR
Institution: University of Patras Personal Website: -
Country: Greece Email: [email protected]
Name: David R Penas Interests: Evolutive Algorithms, Location problems, VRP, parallel metaheuristics
Institution: USC Personal Website:
Country: - Email: [email protected]
Name: Prasanna Ramamoorthy Interests: Facility location , Hub Location, Interdiction problems, MIP, Robust Optimization
Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Delhi Personal Website:
Country: India Email: [email protected]
Name: Andreas Rudi Interests: location theory
Institution: Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT) Personal Website: http://user_url
Country: Germany Email: [email protected]
Name: Michael Schneider Interests: -
Institution: RWTH Aachen University Personal Website: -
Country: Germany Email: [email protected]
Name: Nazmi Sener Interests: Hub Location, Stochastic Optimization
Institution: Galatasaray University Personal Website: -
Country: Turkey Email: [email protected]
Name: Lama Soliman Khaled Interests: Transportation and routing, supply chain management, environmental studies, layout and design
Institution: University of Exeter Personal Website: -
Country: United Kingdom Email: [email protected]
Name: Rudramoorthi Thangaraj Interests: -
Institution: Indian Institute of Technology Madras Personal Website: -
Country: India Email: [email protected]
Name: Ananthakrishnan Vaikkathe Interests: Vehicle routing, Facility location, Last mile delivery
Institution: IMT Atlantique Personal Website: -
Country: France Email: [email protected]