Test data and problem instances

Below are some links to some test data and problem instances.


LoLoLa – Library of Location and Layout Algorithms

OLAF – A General Modeling System to Evaluate and Optimize the Location of an Air Polluting Facility


  • References regularly collected by Frank Plastria: References 2006-2012
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  • A list of references in Facility Location and Supply Chain Management: Bibliography
    This list has been organized by Teresa Melo, Stefan Nickel and Francisco Saldanha da Gama.
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PhD Theses

Ph.D. theses on the subject of locational analysis can be downloaded from the links given below.




Thesis Title


Bahar Yetiş Kara

Bilkent University

Modelling and analysis of issues in hub location problem


Mercedes Landete

Universidad de Murcia

Obtaining facets for the polyhedra associated to the set packing problem (in Spanish)


Francisco Saldanha-da-Gama

University of Lisbon

Models and algorithms for the dynamic location problem (in Portuguese)


Sibel A. Alumur

Bilkent University

Hub location and hub network design


Hatice Çalık

Bilkent University

Exact solution methodologies for the p-center problem under single and multiple allocation strategies

2014 Majid Eskandarpour École des Mines de Nantes Generic models and optimization algorithms for sustainable supply chain network design
2015 Mi Zhang École Central de Nantes Hub location routing problem for less than truckload shipments of freight transport providers