EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award Winners

  • 2019
    "Mathematical programming models and algorithims for offshore wind park design" by Martina Fischetti (Denmark).
  • 2018
    "Computation of Equilibria on Integer Programming Games" by Margarida Carvalho (Portugal).
  • 2016
    "Theoretical and Practical Contributions on Scatter Search, Variable Neighbourhood Search and Matheuristics for 0-1 Mixed Integer Programs" by Raca Todosijević (Serbia).
  • 2015
    "Spare Parts Planning and Control for Maintenance Operations" by Joachim Arts (The Netherlands).
  • 2013
    "Capacitated Network Design -- Multi-Commodity Flow Formulations, Cutting Planes, and Demand Uncertainty" by Christian Raack (Germany).
  • 2012
    "Mitigating network congestion: analytical models, optimization methods and their applications" by Carolina Osorio (Switzerland).
  • 2010
    "Application-oriented Mixed Integer Non-Linear Programming" by Claudia D'Ambrosio (Italy).
  • 2009
    "Advances in MIP - New Tricks for the Bag" by Tobias Achterberg (Germany) 
  • 2007
    "Spare parts Inventory Control under System Availability Constraints" by Bram Kranenburg (The Netherlands).
  • 2006
    "Combinatorial Analysis of 2D-NOESY spectra in Nuclear Resonance Spectroscopy of RNA Molecules" by Marta Szachniuk (Poland).
  • 2004
    • "The Travelling Purchaser Problem" by Jorge Riera Ledesma (Spain)
    • "Classical and Non-Classical Stochastic Recourse Programs with Applications in Telecommunications" by Morten Riis (Denmark)
    • "Exploitation de Préférences Non-Classiques dans les Problèmes Combinatoires: Modèles et Algorithmes pour les Graphes" by Olivier Spanjaard (France)

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