EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award 2018

The winner of the 2018 EURO Doctoral Dissertation Award is:

Margarida Carvalho

Computation of equilibria on integer programming games

The formulation of optimization problems as mathematical programming models is the standard way for describing and communicating real-world situations unambiguously. Very often, a decision process depends on external parameters controlled by other agents (players). This establishes the connection between mathematical programming and the game theory framework. The goal of this theses was to extend the algorithmic tools for single decision-maker combinatorial problems to games. Namely, we concentrate on non-cooperative games, where each player's set of feasible strategies is characterized through linear inequalities and integer requirements on player's decision variables. These are called integer programming games (IPGs). This work is fleshed out in two parts: we first considered two-round games, called Bilevel Programming problems, and then we focused on games where players select their strategies simultaneously. Although in both types of games each player goal is to maximize his/her utility, the approach to a solution significantly varies. We studied specific games that generalize classical optimization problems with applicability in robust optimization, homeland security, competitive lot-sizing and multi-agent kidney exchange programs. Besides classifying their computational complexity, a strong emphasis was given to algorithmic design which resulted in new methods and frameworks for solution computation. The thesis concludes by analyzing general simultaneous IPGs.

The EDDA jury 2018 consisted of Richard Hartl (chair), Bernardo Almada-Lobo, Hande Yaman, Jutta Geldermann and Julia Bennell.

The award was presented at the closing session of the EURO 2018 Conference in Valencia (Spain).

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