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Special Issues about timely and important research topics are currently under preparation. We invite interested authors to submit relevant manuscripts.



Data Analytics and Collaborative Decision Processes
Guest Editors: Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam, Rita Ribeiro, Shaofeng Liu
Prospective authors are welcome to submit a full paper to the EJDP Editorial Manager (https://www.editorialmanager.com/ejdp), article type SI: Collaborative Decision Processes. The authors can also submit an (optional) express of interest (up to one page) describing the envisioned submission, to be sent by email to the guest editors (pascale.zarate@ut-capitole.fr fdargam@simtechnology.com rar@uninova.p shaofeng.liu@plymouth.ac.uk).

Full papers submission deadine: November 2017   
notification (1st round): March 2018
revision due (1st round): May 2018
notification (2nd round): July 2018
revision due (2nd round):September 2018
publication of feature issue: November 2018
PDF-version of the CfP
Negotiation Processes
Guest Editors: D. Marc Kilgour, Rudolf Vetschera
Prospective authors are welcome to submit a full paper to the EJDP Editorial Manager (https://www.editorialmanager.com/ejdp), article type SI: Negotiation. The authors can also submit an extended abstract (up to two pages) of their proposed contribution to the Guest Editors for feedback (mkilgour@wlu.ca rudolf.vetschera@univie.ac.at).

Deadline for the submission of extended abstracts: October 1, 2017   
submission of full papers: November 15, 2017
notification (1st round): March 1, 2018 
revision due: April 1, 2018 
publication of feature issue: June 2018
PDF-version of the CfP


Interactive Multiple Criteria Decision Making

Guest editors: Murat Köksalan, Gülşah Karakaya

Deadline  for submission: November 1, 2017

Financial Decision Support

Guest editors: Constantin Zopounidis, Dimitrios Niklis, Michael Doumpos

Deadline  for submission: May 30, 2017

Advances in Behavioural Research on Supported Decision Processes

Guest editors: Gilberto Montibeller, Jyrki Wallenius

Deadline  for submission: February 28, 2016

Already Published


Guest editors: Alec Morton, Marion S. Rauner, Gregory S. Zaric

Published: 4(3-4) November 2016

Operational Research and Ethics

Guest editors: Fred Wenstøp, Cristóbal Miralles, Gerhard-Wilhelm Weber

Published: 4(1-2) June 2016

Collaborative Decision Processes and Analysis

Guest editors: Pascale Zaraté, Fátima Dargam

Published: 3(3-4) November 2015

Preference Elicitation and Learning

Guest editors: Vincent Mousseau, Marc Pirlot

Published: 3(1-2) June 2015

Problem Structuring Research and Practice

Guest editors: Fran Ackermann, L. Alberto Franco, Etiënne Rouwette, Leroy White

Published: 2(3-4) December 2014

Risk Management

Guest editors: Simon French, Alec Morton, Ortwin Renn

Published: 1(3-4) November 2013
Published: 2(1-2) June 2014

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