Special issue: Vehicle routing

Guest editors: Gilbert Laporte, Daniele Vigo and Paolo Toth

Published: 2(1-2) May 2013

In Vehicle Routing Problems, the aim is to determine a set of vehicle routes serving geographically scattered customers, from one of several depots, subject to a variety of side constraints. Vehicle routing is central to distribution management. It has attracted the attention of several researchers over the past fifty years or so. In the last two decades, significant advances have been made in the area of exact algorithms, namely with the development of branch- and-cut and branch-and-cut-and-price methods, and in the area of metaheuristics. We have also witnessed a rising interest in stochastic and dynamic problems and in a number of new variants, incorporating more and more characteristics of real world applications.

The aim of this special issue is report on the most recent developments in the area of vehicle routing. We are particularly interested in new problems or algorithms, as opposed to the application of known techniques to variants of known problems.

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