Special issue: Day-to-day dynamic traffic assignment models

Guest editors: Martin Hazelton and David Watling

Published: 5(1) March 2016

Day-to-day dynamic models are attractive for transport planning activities, and for studying traveller learning. They provide natural tools for examining the behaviour of a network after some significant change, either planned or unplanned. However, the study of this type of model has not reached the level of maturity of alternatives, in particular that of network equilibrium models. In response, this Special Issue is intended to provide a focus for new research on day-to-day dynamic traffic models. We welcome papers on:

  • the theory of day-to-day models, including: conditions for uniqueness and stability, relationships between deterministic and stochastic process approaches, transients/convergence, relationships with equilibrium approaches;
  • model implementation, including efficient computational algorithms and statistical methods for model fitting and testing;
  • case studies employing day-to-day dynamic models.

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  2. Select Submit New Manuscript in the main menu.
  3. In the drop down list associated with Choose Article Type, select the desired special issue. The entries corresponding to the special issues start with SI.

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