Special issue: Modelling and Managing Passenger Flows in Multi-Modal Public Transport Systems

Guest editors: Oded Cats and Riccardo Scarinci

  • Deadline to submit manuscripts: December 31, 2018

The majority of public transport trips include at least one transfer between services, and often a change of transport mode. This sequence of services and modes are perceived as part of one single journey by passengers. However, operators consider them as distinct steps, and they optimize each service independently, without considering the entire journey of the passengers.

These transfers between services and modes are often the most critical part of the journey, nevertheless it is the least studied aspect. In comparison to the numerous models dealing with specific transportation modes, integrated approaches looking at the full passenger experience are still largely unexplored. Public transport planners and operators need such integrated approaches to offer reliable and convenient services considering not only the dynamics of a given service, but also the interchange with others. To this end, an integrated approach calls for modelling techniques that bridge between transit assignment models, optimization of transit operations and pedestrian modelling, which have been insofar largely detached.

This special issue on Modelling and Managing Passenger Flows in Multi-Modal Public Transport Systems is dedicated to methodological and theoretical developments as well as advanced applications in this domain. The call is linked, but not limited, to contributions in this domain presented in hEART2018 (7th Symposium of the European Association for Research in Transportation). The call is thus open to any related high-quality contributions.

Topics of interest include (but are not limited to):

  • Multi-modal network design
  • Crowd management at interchange stations
  • Planning and operations of multi-modal passenger hubs
  • Vehicle and pedestrian capacity analysis at stations
  • Pedestrian and passenger transfer behavior modelling
  • Impacts of transfer elements on passenger route choice
  • ITS for improved transfer experience and reliability
  • Methodological advances in public transport assignment
  • Tactical planning and real-time operations for improved service synchronization
  • Data-driven analysis and modelling of transfer activities and preferences

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