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Please refer to the Instructions for Authors on the journal webpage at Springer

In order to submit a paper, log on the editorial manager using the Author Login.

The journal publishes two types of document: (i) research articles and (ii) tutorials.

  • A research article presents original methodological contributions to the field (e.g. new mathematical models, new algorithms, new simulation techniques).
  • A tutorial provides an introduction to an advanced topic, designed to ease the use of the relevant methodology by researchers and practitioners.

When you submit your article via Editorial Manager, you will be asked the following questions (your answers are mandatory):

Research Papers

  1. Please summarize in a couple of sentences the scientific contributions of the paper.
  2. State-of-the-art
    1. Did you compare your results with the literature?
    2. If not, please briefly describe why.
    3. Which published paper do you consider as the reference state-of-the-art that you are extending?
  3. Are your results reproducible?
    1. If so, can you make your code and data available to the journal?
    2. If not, please explain why.
  4. What are the foreseen impacts of your methodological contributions to the field of transportation and logistics?


  1. Please summarize in a couple of sentences why a tutorial on this topic is needed?
  2. List a couple of published references (such as textbooks) related to the topic. For each of them, describe in a couple of sentences the added value of the submitted tutorial.
  3. Does the tutorial include concrete and reproducible examples? If not, explain why.
  4. What is the target audience of the tutorial?

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