VeRoLog 2015
Abstract Submission

Topic Keywords

1.ADDITIONAL: Dynamic routing and logistics optimization
2.ADDITIONAL: Multi objective problems and methods
3.ADDITIONAL: Stochastic routing and logistics problems
4.METHOD: Exact solution of routing and logistics problems
5.METHOD: Heuristic and metaheuristic solution methods
6.METHOD: Hybrid solution of routing and logistics problems
7.METHOD: Parallel solution methods
8.PROBLEM: Analysis of logistics operations
9.PROBLEM: Consolidation and distribution for agents/shippers
10.PROBLEM: Cooperation in supply chains
11.PROBLEM: Design and operations of logistics facilities
12.PROBLEM: Environmental impact induced by logistics
13.PROBLEM: Fleet management
14.PROBLEM: Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)
15.PROBLEM: Logistics infrastructure and networks
16.PROBLEM: Service integration of agents in the supply chain
17.PROBLEM: Strategies/operations of logistics service provider
18.PROBLEM: Urban transportation
19.PROBLEM: Vehicle routing and freight transportation
20.SOFTWARE: Decision support systems in logistics
21.SOFTWARE: ERP and information systems related applications
22.SOFTWARE: Geographic information systems related to routing
23.SOFTWARE: On board navigation and positioning systems
24.SOFTWARE: Planning tools/tool-based environments for routing