23rd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies
Abstract Submission

Session HE-35: Innovative Applications of Knowledge in cluster Knowledge, Technology, and Innovation

Thursday, 16:15-17:45
Room: FENH308

Session chair(s):
A. D. Amar ([email protected])

The following abstracts have been submitted in this session:
1041. Artificial Intelligence in Customer Interactions of Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises: A Conceptual Framework Tim Kanis [R] - Germany
1400. Literature Review on Innovation Systems: From National Innovation Systems to Complex Adaptive National Innovation Level Homero Malagon [R] - Mexico
679. GIS-based optimization tool to determine future green hydrogen integration opportunities in urban energy systems Stella Nadine Steidl [R] - New Zealand
Jannik Haas [R] - New Zealand
Alaa Alhamwi [] - Germany
Wided Medjroubi [] - Germany
Rebecca Peer [] - New Zealand