22nd Conference of the International Federation of Operational Research Societies

Session HA-4: Urban operations research I in stream Discrete Optimization and Urban Operations Research

Thursday, 8:00-9:40
Room: Room 4

Session chair(s):
Hidetoshi Miura ([email protected])
Yu Song ([email protected])

The following abstracts have been submitted in this session:
6521. Simulation of allocation of community salon participants: proximity and self-stigma Hongjik Kim [R] - Japan
Hiroyuki Usui [] - Japan
Yasushi Asami [] - Japan
Kimihiro Hino [] - Japan
7008. Mathematical analysis of renovation in the conservation of historic buildings Kaori Isawa [R] - Japan
Hiroko Watanabe [R] - Japan
Daisuke Hasegawa [R] - Japan
Yudai Honma [R] - Japan
10761. An Optimization Model for Class Re-organization Problem in Elementary Schools Thitiwat Ruangsakorn [R] - Japan
Yu Song [] - Japan
3554. Comparison of location strategies for competing franchise chains based on maximizing flow-capture Hidetoshi Miura [R] - Japan