Planning optimization for multi-site, fast & efficient production processes - customer satisfaction and on-time delivery in focus

Invited abstract in session WE-25: OR Success Stories III, stream Business Day.

Wednesday, 16:05-17:35
Room: AachenMuenchener Halle (Aula)

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Alexander Aschauer
X-INTEGRATE Software & Consulting GmbH


A smart and simple solution usable for production optimization must nowadays answer a variety of questions for business operations and long-term planning. As part of this presentation and discussion we give an insight into a customer project . The mission-critical objectives of this project included the improvement of customer orientation by optimizing delivery and response times as well as optimizing the use of capital by reducing bound means. We optimized the production regarding utilization of existing capacity. Futher goals were the automation of operational processes - for example the creation of delivery plans for major projects or the bundling of contracts - and a simulation of "what if" scenarios for optimal decision support.

The project was realized using X-INTEGRATE´s solution "XPO". Using XPO, you can utilize production facilities better, improve customer service and satisfaction and optimize planning horizons as well as production processes. XPO is ready to use and can flexibly be adapted to individual needs. Because of it´s module-based approach, XPO is suitable for medium-sized companies as well as large enterprises and regional manufacturing companies.


  • Production and Inventory Systems

Status: accepted

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