Optimization for a Canadian hydro-power company

Invited abstract in session WC-25: OR Success Stories II, stream Business Day.

Wednesday, 13:10-14:40
Room: AachenMuenchener Halle (Aula)

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Günter Stock
RMS, Kisters


TransAlta headquartered in Calgary, Alberta, Canada, has implemented KISTERS’ BelVis
ResOpt for optimization of their 800 MW Hydroelectric power plants on the Bow and the North
Saskatchewan River Systems. BelVis ResOpt solves complex optimization problems using
Mixed Integer Linear Programming (MILP) with the support of a commercial mathematical
solver. The application has been setup to automatically provide day-ahead operation schedules to
optimize for maximum benefit over time. Prior to using BelVis ResOpt, the water management
engineers estimated the optimization results with the use of spreadsheets. This process was not
only time consuming but did not guarantee the best possible solution. By switching to BelVis
ResOpt users are now able to focus their attention on higher level tasks like scheduling decisions
to maximize profit and minimize risks while the tool runs different analysis scenarios and
automatically provides daily operational solutions.


  • Energy Policy and Planning

Status: accepted

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