Time, speed and bunker consumption in tactical and operational planning

Invited abstract in session WC-25: OR Success Stories II, stream Business Day.

Wednesday, 13:10-14:40
Room: AachenMuenchener Halle (Aula)

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Jochem Donkers


Since the beginning of the credit crisis in 2008, many shipping companies have adopted slow-steaming policies. Prior to the credit crisis slow-steaming was a concept virtually unheard of in the industry; primarily due to a shortage of vessel capacity. During our presentation we will introduce some of the dynamics of slow-steaming and the dilemma that this creates for shipping companies. Also, we will discuss speed differentiation that is beyond the scope of the company?s control.

In the second half of the presentation we will explore how Integrated Planning Platform help to secure the benefits of the slow steaming opportunity while adhere to other to other constraints. Then we will review how this complex model ? with the help of solvers ? will help to create robust planning scenarios for an example scenario with increased demand. We will conclude by summarizing the benefits for shipping company.


  • Transportation

Status: accepted

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