Abstract Submission

Topic Keywords

1.Analysis and engineering of optimization algorithms
2.Artificial intelligence based optimization methods and appli
3.Complementarity and variational problems
4.Complexity and efficiency of optimization algorithms
5.Conic and semidefinite optimization
6.Convex and non-smooth optimization
7.Data driven optimization
8.Derivative-free optimization
9.Global optimization
10.Large- and Huge-scale optimization
11.Linear and nonlinear optimization
12.Mixed integer nonlinear optimization
13.Multi- and many-objective optimization
14.Multilevel optimization
15.Nature inspired methods and algorithms
16.Optimal control and applications
17.Optimization for learning and data analysis
18.Optimization in industry, business and finance
19.Optimization under uncertainty and applications
20.Semi-infinite optimization
21.SS - Advances in Nonlinear Optimization and Applications
22.SS - Conic Optimization and Applications
23.SS - Multi-Criteria Optimization and Real-World Applications
24.SS - Multiobjective Optimization
25.SS - Optimal Control and Optimisation in Aerospace
26.SS - Optimal Control and Optimization in Economics, Finance
27.SS - Semidefinite Optimization