EURO 2022 Espoo
Abstract Submission

3134. Ever-decreasing circles: how iterative modelling led to better performance at Seagate Technologies

Invited abstract in session WC-39: MAI: OR in action, stream Making an Impact.

Wednesday, 12:30-14:00
Room: U8

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Robert Moss
Flexciton Ltd


Real world wafer fabricators have multiple manufacturing Key Performance Indicators such as throughput, cycle time, load balancing between tools, reticle moves and batch size. Some of these KPIs might be conflicting, for example maximising the throughput of a photolithography toolset while reducing the number of reticle movements between tools. This talk describes the iterative development with Seagate Technologies of Flexciton’s novel solution strategy that combines MILP optimisation with heuristic techniques to schedule thousands of wafers and a large variety of tool types. This has been deployed in Seagate fabs and using Seagate’s production data I'll show how we discovered constraints, improved the workflow and tuned the objective weights to achieve significant KPI improvements in low/high WIP and slow/fast moving toolsets.


Status: accepted

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