EURO 2021 Athens<br />Abstract Submission

Topic Keywords

2.Adaptive Memory Programming
3.Agent Systems
4.Airline Applications
6.Analytic Hierarchy Process
7.Analytics and Data Science
8.Artificial Intelligence
9.Auctions / Competitive Bidding
10.Behavioural OR
11.Big Data and Data Mining
12.Branch and Cut
13.Bus and Metro Transportation
14.Capacity Planning
15.Column Generation
16.Combinatorial Optimization
17.Complex Societal Problems
18.Complexity and Approximation
19.Computational Biology
20.Computational Biology, Bioinformatics and Medicine
21.Computer Science/Applications
22.Continuous Optimization
23.Control Theory
24.Convex Optimization
25.Critical Decision Making
26.Cutting and Packing
27.Data Envelopment Analysis
28.Decision Analysis
29.Decision Support Systems
30.Decision Theory
31.Developing Countries
33.Disaster and Crisis Management
34.Dynamical Systems
36.Economic Modeling
37.Education and Distance Learning
38.Efficiency Analysis
39.Electrical Markets
40.Energy Policy and Planning
41.Engineering Optimization
42.Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
43.Environmental Management
45.Expert Systems and Neural Networks
46.Facilities Planning and Design
47.Finance and Banking
48.Financial Modelling
50.Forestry Management
51.Fuzzy Sets and Systems
52.Game Theory
53.Generalized Convex Optimization
54.Global Optimization
55.Graphs and Networks
56.Grid Computing
57.Group Decision Making and Negotiation
58.Health Care
59.Human Resources Management
60.Humanitarian Applications
61.Industrial Optimization
62.Interior Point Methods
64.Knowledge Engineering and Management
65.Large Scale Optimization
68.Machine Learning
69.Management Information Systems
70.Managerial Accounting
72.Maritime applications
74.Mathematical Programming
75.Medical Applications
77.Military Operations Research
78.Modeling Systems and Languages
79.Multi-Criteria Decision Aids
80.Multi-Objective Decision Making
81.Natural Resources
82.Network Design
83.Network flows
84.Non-smooth Optimization
85.Optimal Control
86.Optimization in Financial Mathematics
87.Optimization Modeling
88.OR and the Arts
89.OR and the Internet
90.OR for Electronic Services
91.OR History
92.OR in Agriculture
93.OR in Development
94.OR in Distance Learning
95.OR in Education
96.OR in Fisheries
97.OR in Mathematics Education
98.OR in Mining
99.OR in Neuroscience
100.OR in Sports
101.OR/MS and the Public Sector
102.Parallel Algorithms and Implementation
103.Polyhedral Combinatorics
104.Problem Structuring
105.Production and Inventory Systems
106.Profession of OR
107.Programming, Constraint
108.Programming, Dynamic
109.Programming, Integer
110.Programming, Linear
111.Programming, Mixed-Integer
112.Programming, Multi-Objective
113.Programming, Nonlinear
114.Programming, Quadratic
115.Programming, Semidefinite
116.Programming, Sequential Quadratic
117.Programming, Stochastic
118.Project Management and Scheduling
119.Quality Management
120.Queuing Systems
121.Railway Applications
123.Research and Development
124.Resource Applications
125.Revenue Management and Pricing
126.Reverse Logistics / Remanufacturing
127.Risk Analysis and Management
128.Robust Optimization
131.Service Operations
132.Service Systems
134.Social Networks
135.Soft OR
136.Software for OR/MS Analysis
137.Stochastic Models
138.Strategic Planning and Management
139.Supply Chain Management
140.Sustainable Development
141.System Dynamics and Theory
145.Utility Systems
146.Vehicle Routing
147.Warehouse Design, Planning, and Control
148.Water Management
149.Web-based Information Systems