Abstract Submission

Session WD-49: Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development III in stream Dynamical Models in Sustainable Development

Wednesday, 14:30-16:00
Room: L249

Session chair(s):
Andreas Felsberger ([email protected])

The following abstracts have been submitted in this session:
Evaluation of farmers’ response to implementing buffer strips to control soil erosion using agent-based modeling in Chile Prajna K A [R]
BRUNO morales []
Jörg Dietrich []
Jose Luis Arumi []
Modelling agent behaviour in food systems Seán McGarraghy [R]
Rossen Kazakov [R]
Ingunn Gudbrandsdottir []
Gudrun Olafsdottir []
The impact of digital technologies on manufacturing performance: A system dynamics approach Andreas Felsberger [R]
Bernhard Oberegger [R]
Boualem Rabta [R]
Gerald Reiner [R]