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Fair players allocation in ATP tournaments generation

Invited abstract in session TA-54: OR in Sports, stream OR in Sports.

Area: OR in Health, Life Sciences and Sports

Tuesday, 8:30-10:00
Room: 4D UPV 1.6

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Gabriele Dragotto
CERC Data Science, Polytechnique Montreal
2. Federico Della Croce
DIGEP, Politecnico di Torino
3. Rosario Scatamacchia
DIGEP, Politecnico di Torino


Single-elimination tournaments are a popular type of tournament among sports, with emphasis in tennis. Despite the current draws mechanism prevents seeded players from matching in early rounds, match repetitions in consecutive tournaments in time may occur among the other players. Therefore, the allocation process for non-seeded players plays a fundamental role in avoiding match repetitions and in increasing the diversity of matches.
This work develops a methodology for enforcing fairness in single-elimination tennis tournaments in terms of match repetitions reduction in consecutive tournaments. The considered tournament allocation problem amounts to solving a clustering problem by means of mathematical programming. We report results and solutions for real-life instances related to Grand Slams in 2017. An alternative constructive approach followed by a local search step is also proposed. This approach shows up to generate reasonably good solutions in a limited amount of time. Computational testings indicate that appreciable improvements are obtained for both the expected number of match repetitions and a related measure of fairness. As a result, the proposed approach can be seen as a valid alternative to pursue a fair allocation in ATP tournaments generation without significantly altering the draw procedure.


Status: accepted

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