Decision-support framework for the selection of the road alignment through mountain terrain

Invited abstract in session WB-6: Urban and territorial planning in MCDA 2, stream Multiple Criteria Decision Aiding.

Area: Multiple Criteria Decision Making and Optimization

Wednesday, 10:30-12:00
Room: Building CW, ground floor, Room 2

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Drazenko Glavic
Road and Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, Faculty of Traffic and Transport Engineering
2. Marina Milenković
Traffic Engineering, University of Belgrade, The Faculty of Transport and Traffic Engineering
3. Milos Mladenovic
Department of Built Environment, Aalto University


One of the significant issues in road designing is the selection of the optimal route alignment. This issue arises in the situation when new road alignment or motorway alignment need to be defined for a newly designed road or motorway. Considering there are multiple solutions, with its advantages and disadvantages, as well as a range of conflicting criteria for selecting the optimal route alignment, this issue belongs to the group of multicriteria decision-making (MCDM) problems. The MCDM-based methodology will be applied in this paper using PROMETHEE method. The methodology will be implemented on a case study on real example. The results and optimal solution will be in function of various traffic, financial, and environmental criteria. Sensitivity analysis will be conducted to show stability of optimal solution and stability of rank order.


Status: accepted

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