Session TB-16: Kidney exchange programs in stream Healthcare Logistics

Area: Routing, Location, Logistics and Transportation

Tuesday, 10:30-12:00
Room: Building CW, 1st floor, Room 128

Session chair(s):
Joao Pedro Pedroso ([email protected])
Ana Viana ([email protected])

The following abstracts have been submitted in this session:
Position-Indexed Formulations for Kidney Exchange James Trimble [R]
John Dickerson [R]
David Manlove []
Benjamin Plaut []
Tuomas Sandholm []
Small Representations of Big Kidney Exchange Graphs John Dickerson [R]
Aleksandr Kazachkov [R]
Ariel Procaccia []
Tuomas Sandholm []
Long Term Management of Multi-Country Kidney Exchange Programs Ana Viana [R]
Joao Pedro Pedroso []
Nash equilibria in the kidney exchange game Margarida Carvalho [R]
Andrea Lodi []
Joao Pedro Pedroso []
Ana Viana [R]