Session TA-54: Large scale structured optimization 2 in stream Convex Optimization

Tuesday, 8:30-10:00
Room: Building PA, Room B

Session chair(s):
Silvia Villa ([email protected])
Saverio Salzo ([email protected])

The following abstracts have been submitted in this session:
Accelerated and preconditioned Douglas-Rachford algorithms for the solution of variational imaging problems Kristian Bredies [R]
Hongpeng Sun [R]
Asymmetric forward-backward-adjoint splitting for solving monotone inclusions involving three operators Puya Latafat [R]
Panagiotis Patrinos [R]
A variable metric stochastic aggregated gradient algorithm for convex optimization Andreas Themelis [R]
Silvia Villa [R]
Panagiotis Patrinos [R]
Alberto Bemporad []