EURO 27 Abstract Submission

Referee Scheduling in Soccer

Invited abstract in session TA-28: Course timetabling, referee timetabling, stream Timetabling.

Area: Scheduling, Time Tabling & Project Management

Tuesday, 8:30-10:00
Room: John Anderson JA3.26, Level 3

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Lindsey Eng
Systems Engineering, The George Washington University
2. Nadia Chilmonik
Systems Engineering and Engineering Managment, The George Washington University


In many small nonprofit organizations, manually scheduling volunteers is an unreliable and inefficient process. Due to budget constraints on these organizations, scheduling software is often too costly to be purchased. Additionally, learning curve for some software is too steep for it to be useful. There are many software products available on the market that improve manual scheduling practices, but none offer automated scheduling methods at a low cost. The objective of this research project is to create an automated scheduling and assignment algorithm for creating referee schedules for the DC Stoddert Soccer League. Beyond this goal, this research should create an adaptable model that can be used for a number of other scheduling purposes such as scheduling volunteers in a soup kitchen, work site volunteers, or interviewers. Using Microsoft Excel, this research will apply integer programming methods to find a cost effective, user friendly solution to this common problem. The model will use the standard Excel Solver, constraints will be generated based on survey data gathered from referees and the scheduling manager, and the output will assign backup volunteers to each game, should the assigned referee cancel. The model we present in this paper is an example of how operations research methods can be used to create cost effective solutions for small nonprofit organizations.


  • OR in Sports
  • Programming, Integer
  • Scheduling

Status: accepted

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