EURO 27 Abstract Submission

Do I need to register before I submit an abstract?

No, you can submit an abstract now, and register later.

I need an official letter of acceptance

Please go to the submission page where a link appears for users that have an accepted paper to generate the letter by themselves.

If you are co-authoring a paper, please contact the first author to get a copy of the letter. The letter contains the name of all authors.

I did not receive an email confirmation. Was my abstract received?

We don’t sent email confirmation at the time of the submission. You will however received an email when a decision is taken about the acceptance of your abstract.

But at any point, you can review abstracts that you submitted by logging in the abstract submission page again. If your abstract appears at the bottom of the page, it was well received and no further action is required from your part.

I need an invitation letter to get a visa

If your paper has been officially ‘Accepted’ and you have paid your registration fee, then the invitation letter will state that payment has been received and your presentation will be included in the conference programme.

If your paper has been officially ‘Accepted’ but you have not paid your registration fee, an invitation letter will be sent out to you stating that your payment has not been received. Your presentation will not be included in the conference programme unless the registration fees have been paid.

If your paper has not been officially ‘Accepted’, no letter will be sent.

If you are not presenting a paper at the conference but still require an invitation letter for your VISA application, please contact the local organizers.

Please be aware that the organisers of the conference cannot be held responsible for any decisions regarding the issue (or not) of a VISA or for any decision made by the Border Agency personnel at any airport.

Registration screens

At page three of the registration process, you can tick a box saying that you need an invitation letter. You will then be asked to complete your personal details and those shown on your passport. These details will be shown on the invitation letter.

When should I submit my full paper?

The conference only accepts abstracts, so no full paper needs to be submitted. However, there will be one or more special issues of a journal devoted to the EURO conference. The special issues will have a specific theme and only space for 20-30 papers, so not all delegates can expect to have their full paper published.

Can I submit my full paper to a journal?

Yes, nearly all journals accept that a short abstract has been presented at a conference before the paper is submitted.

Are the papers indexed by ISI or other indexing services?

No. Short abstracts are normally not indexed.

Will there be printed proceedings?

Yes, the abstracts will appear in the electronic proceedings, and a limited number of hard-copies will be printed.

I have some wishes for dates of my presentation.

We cannot fulfil wishes for dates, since this would lead to a very fragmented program. Two speakers in the same session may have contradicting wishes, leading to splitting of sessions and streams. In special circumstances, you can try to contact the stream organizer, and ask him/her to schedule your session early/late in the stream. This can often solve the problem, since the streams are scheduled as a block.

When is my talk scheduled?

It takes quite some time to schedule a program with over 2000 talks. The program will be available not later than one month before the conference. Until then, we cannot answer questions about when talks are scheduled since we do not have the information.

I need to add or remove a co-author

You can still update your abstract by logging in to the submission system. The title of your submitted abstract should appear at the bottom of the page. Click on it, and on the following page, there is an option to add/remove co-authors.