Privacy of multimedia content on Social Networks

Contributed abstract in session WD-10: P2P and Social Networks, stream Telecommunications and Network Optimization.

Area: Telecommunications, Networks and Social Networks

Wednesday, 14:30-16:00
Room: G5-1

Authors (first author is the speaker)

1. Athanasios Zigomitros
Informatics, University of Piraeus
2. Constantinos Patsakis
Trinity College
3. Achilleas Papageorgiou
Alumni of University of Piraeus


Users' privacy is a key element on social networks. People are becoming aware of the dangers that emerge from thoughtless disclosure of information on Social Networks and demand more privacy-aware platforms. Several solutions have been proposed in order to achieve an acceptable level of privacy, however, almost all of them ignore one of the key aspects, multimedia content. Extended experiments show that major SNs do not apply any watermarking or steganographic scheme on their services. Based on this fact, this study illustrates a novel solution, using well-known techniques.


Status: accepted

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