ECCO 2024
Abstract Submission

Web site Instructions for Session Chairs (Session Organisers)

The ECCO 2024 web site has been specially set up to enable session chairs to manage all aspects of their sessions, including abstract submission, online. The Programme Committee would be very grateful if you would use this system in preference to submitting hard copy. The following are step-by-step instructions for your guidance as a session chair:

  1. The first step, after you have accepted to become an session chair, is to check your personal status on the EURO online system. All session chairs as well as authors will have to become members of the in order to work with the online abstract submission system, which is located at the address:
    There are three possibilities:
    1. You already have an account (for example if you participated in other recent EURO or IFORS conferences). In this case, log into the system using your username and password and select 'Modify my data' to verify that your contact information is still correct. If you do not have the login information please click on 'I forgot my username and/or password' to receive an email with the username and password.
    2. The conference administrators or the stream organiser created the account for you. In this case you received an email from [email protected] with your username and password. Please log into the system and select 'Modify my data' to verify that your contact information was correctly entered.
    3. If you do not have an online login account, you will need to create one for yourself by clicking on 'create a login account here' and follow the steps. After creating your online account, please notify your stream organiser(s) directly so that they can authorize you as an session chair for your session.
  2. After receiving an email invitation from your stream organiser, please go to the web site and select 'Abstract Submission' from the menu on the left and log into the system, using the password that was sent to you earlier.
  3. There should now be a light-grey vertical menu bar at the left with the following menu items: 'Abstract Submission', 'My Sessions', and 'Topic keywords'. Please click on the menu item 'My Sessions' to continue. If you do not see the menu item 'My Sessions', please contact your stream organiser(s) and ask them to authorize you as an session chair.
  4. You are now on page called 'Session Chair Tools' with your stream and session name listed below. Please click on one of the links with either your streamor session name to continue.
  5. You are now on a page called 'Session (session name) in stream (stream name)' where you can view and edit the session information, including the session name and then start inviting individual authors for your session. Please note that all authors will also have to have their own respective online login accounts with EURO before they can start using the online abstract submission system.
  6. You have three different possible ways of inviting authors to submit abstracts for your session:
    1. You can have email invitation sent automatically by the system. In this case you search for the author in the system by email or last name. When you click on the author, they will receive an email invitation from you to submit an abstract and it will show up on the screen next time they log into the system.
    2. You can send the email invitation yourself with a submission code. The submission code is displayed on the Session page. When the author goes on and chooses 'Abstract Submission' he can use the submission code to enter the system and submit abstracts in your session.
    3. You can enter the author and the abstract yourself into the web system. By clicking on 'Enter a new abstract' you can enter the information yourself without having the authors log into the system.
  7. Alternatively, if the authors you are inviting do not already have an online login account with EURO, you can create one for them by pressing the 'Quick registration' button. After entering the email address for the new author and pressing the 'Next' button, you can enter all the required and other contact information that you have available and then press the 'Next' button to confirm.
  8. After inviting author(s) they will receive an automatic email from you asking them to log on to the system where they can update the title and the abstract for their individual paper and add co-authors.